Best Belly Fat Burning Pills of 2022

White adipose tissue as an endocrine and secretory organ

Adipose tissue is now known to be a very important and active endocrine organ . It is well established that adipocytes, play a vital role in the storage and release of energy throughout the human body. Best Belly Fat Burning Pills of 2022 . A number of different hormones are released from the adipose tissue and these are responsible for different functions within the body . Adipose tissue secretes cytokines like TNF-α, IL-6, and IL-1β, which are involved in sending messages between cells .

What happens when fat cell is burned?

Most people really do not know how the fat cells work, how the fat burning process takes place, or where the fat goes when it is burned. Body Fat Burning Supplements. It is actually quite a complex physiological process, but many researchers and experts explained it as simply as possible. When the body loses fat, the fat cell does not go anywhere or move into the muscle cell to be burned. The fat cell itself stays right where it was under the skin in thighs, hips, arms, etc., and on top of the muscles, which is why it is difficult to see muscle “definition” when the body fat is high. Fat is stored inside the fat cell in the form of triaglycerol. The fat is not burned right there in the fat cell; it must be liberated from the fat cell through somewhat complex hormonal/enzymatic pathways. When stimulated to do so, the fat cell simply releases triaglycerol into the bloodstream as free fatty acids (FFA’s), and they are transported through the blood to the tissues where the energy is needed. By lipolysis, each molecule of triaglycerol splits into glycerol and three fatty acids. The reaction catalyzed by hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).

The stored fat gets released into the bloodstream as FFA’s and they are shuttled off to the muscles where the energy is needed. The Best Fat Burning Supplements Bodybuilding of 2022 . As blood flow increases to the active muscles, more FFA’s are delivered to the muscles that need them. FFA’s get inside the mitochondria by LPL and this is where the FFA’s go to be burned. When the FFA’s are released from the fat cell, the latter shrinks and that is the reason for the leaner look when the body loses fat because the fat cell is now smaller  . The scientists concluded that “we don’t actually “lose” fat cells, we “empty out” fat cells,” our body fat is basically just a reserve source of energy and fat cells are like the storage tanks. Unlike a gas tank in the car that is fixed in size, fat cells can expand or shrink in size depending on how “filled” they are . People remain thinner even after having more energy food/fats because of more than one reason :

  1. 1.Not only because they have a faster metabolism than everyone else as the old adage goes, but also because of their calculated total calorie intake.
  2. 2.They slept 6–8 h a night, drank little or no soft drinks (avoiding excessive sugar contents), rarely ate out (processed foods are kept to a minimum), ate meals sitting down (people who ate a meal standing up, ate twice as much after they finished consuming the food, therefore they considered the food to be a snack, not a meal), do not really snack a lot and also built an eating and exercise routine into their lives (meals were eaten at regular times during the day).

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